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Organic Mermaid Texturizing + Growth Spray - Rosemary +Salt

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Organic Mermaid Texturizing + Growth Spray |Rosemary Infused Argan Oil |Nourishing For Hair Strands |Sea Kelp Extract |Sea Salt Spray |Beach Hair | Aloe

Instantly notice nourished and texturized hair after applying my Mermaid Texturizing spray! Sea Kelp, aloe and rosemary infused argan oil give your strands the nourishment that it needs for elasticity and health. The result is a light, moisturizing spray that won't leave your hair feeling too oily. Sea kelp nourishes your strands from the inside out, promoting healthy growth.

Help your hair reach its fullest potential with this organic, mermaid-approved spray. A customer said she replaced her 3 step curl products for my Mermaid Spray and has revitalized and brought health back into her curls. Also works well on straight hair as it gives it more life.

*nourishment for strand health *texture from sea salt *adding key vitamins and nutrients to hair strands

Handmade in Hayden, Idaho