New Name, New Location

After much deliberation, I have decided to change things up a bit this year- Relic is getting a new location, new look, and new name!
Introducing Alabaster Baby. ✨
I’m going into my third year of business, and it has been so great, especially this past year. Being downtown was such a good move for me, however, if you have chatted with me, you probably know that I eventually wanted to get out of my basement spot. Natural light and sunshine was even more important to me than I realized! My new spot is smaller, but so bright and warm.
This move does however mean that I will not be doing second hand clothes the same way. I actually have not worked out this detail but will let you know when I do. The new space will be all new items, including some new brands.
There is plenty of parking, and no stairs! Making it easier for moms to shop with little ones. And don’t worry, there is still a playroom!
I am aiming to open the new spot by next Friday. Lots to work out still, so be patient with me:)
Super excited for new things and I appreciate you all so much!
New address: 2310 N 4th St, Suite A, Coeur d'Alene, ID 83814
I will still accept Relic gift cards, not to worry!
Appropriately-Sized Inventory
Small inventory means that there will be less waste. Some items won't be replenished and will only be released once, meaning once they're gone they're gone. Other items will be replenished frequently with small restocks based upon demand. This ensures we avoid unsold or unwanted stock. And remember, that means if you see something you want, don't wait! 
Mid-Range Prices & Ethical Sourcing
We try to find the best quality while maintaining affordable prices. Cheap prices almost always means cheap production, and that almost always means poor production ethics. However, ethically made and sourced products can be very expensive. We try to find the happy medium.