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Merino Wool Knit Jumpsuit

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Merino Wool Knit Overall -One Piece Jumpsuit - Gray Wool Knitted Baby Romper - Soft Organic Wool Baby Onesies

This superfine knitted gray overall is a number one outfit for the cold season. Super soft and easy to wear because studs are all over the front and legs. Your baby will love this romper! In this merino wool jumpsuit your baby will be surrounded by warm. This fine knitted onesie will be the number 1 in your baby closet!

Merino wool products help maintain optimum body temperature. Clothes made with merino wool are suitable for warm and cold weather. Infants up to 18 months aren't fully adapted to their environment and they may lose warmth quickly.

Merino wool helps to maintain optimum body temperature and the infant is nor too warm nor cold. That is crucial for infants which are prone to being sick, also the ones who were born prematurely. Merino wool is hypoallergenic.

Made in Lithuania