Long Sleeve Weighted Sleep Bag - Magnolia

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A better way to sleep. Cocoon baby into a cloud of comfort like a full-on-wrap-your-arm-around-me-twice koala hug with the gunamuna® sleep bag duvet. This down alternative cozy wearable comforter, in silky soft bamboo rayon, with evenly distributed weight increases relaxation so baby feels secure & calm. Then enjoy the easy peasy WONDERZiP® diaper-zipper to keep baby covered during diaper changes. You’ll wish we had one in your size.

A BETTER WAY TO SLEEP: Research shows that sleeping under an evenly distributed weight brings about a deeper sleep cycle, increases serotonin, and reduces anxiety by giving the same all-over sensation as a full-on, calming cuddle

EASIER: The one-of-a-kind WONDERZiP® diaper-zipper keeps baby covered during super easy diaper changes. FEEL THE DIFFERENCE: Magically fluffy + perfectly weighted in ultra-soft bamboo rayon DOWN ALTERNATIVE: A luxurious microfiber fill that mimics the warmth and the loft of a down comforter. MOST COMFY FIT: Wider + long