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Guido Merino Wool Knit Pants - Cream

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Seamless pants knitted in 1 piece. No front and back, no seams, what makes it very comfortable to wear for babies.

For extra comfort on the waist, an elastic thread is knitted together with the wool.
It's a softer tension than a regular waistband.
The lower crotch makes sure to have enough space for the diaper.
Little stitch details in the pants are the way to make the form of the pants, as there is no front and back sewn together.
Made in 100% merinowool. Wearable all year through.
100% Made in belgium
Mix and match our colors as a set with the sweater

◦ Material: 100% extra fine merinowool (oeko-tex, mulesing free)             
◦ Remove stains like milk with a wet cloth. No need to wash the whole product.
◦ Merinowool doesn't take in smells, so no need to wash your item fast.            
◦ It's not necessary to wash merinowool frequently. This fiber is selfcleaning.            
◦ It's perfect to just air outside.            
◦ Otherwise wash it very gently by hand with lukewarm water of MAX. 20°            
◦ Use a wool detergent to wash            
◦ Machinewash only on a WOOLPROGRAM 20° low speed, at one's own risk as we cannot guarantee the individual program settings on the washing machines.            
◦ Merinowool doesn't itch and is antibacterial and skin            
◦ Made in Belgium