Children's Thick Camel Wool Socks - Brown

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Camel wool has a gentle therapeutic effect. Even young people, not to mention representatives of advanced age, complain of many different diseases. Hips and joints, and muscle pain, and rheumatic, circulatory system. And the scourge of time is the back. It is the “dry” heat of the camel’s belt that helps to optimally expand the vessels, stabilize blood flow and gently activate the metabolism. Gives high-quality tender warmth.

Hollow inside, camel hair perfectly absorbs any moisture, and it weathered out of it optimally quickly. That is why the camel is comfortable in the desert even at critical temperature drops.

Lack of static – no dust is attracted. It keeps its shape well when washing in a washing machine at 30c. The belt from the open camel hair is truly happiness for the whole organism and, accordingly, constantly great mood.

Made in Mongolia

10-12cm (0-1yr)

12-14cm (1-2yr)

14-16cm (2-3yr)

16-18cm (3-4yr)

18-20cm (4-5yr)