100% Cotton Pre-fold Cloth Diaper - 3 Count

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The NuAngel 100% Cotton Pre-fold Diaper is luxuriously soft and is a favorite everyday baby essential. This diaper is a premium quality product as compared to other pre-folds. These pre-fold diapers have many uses and can be used well beyond the baby years.

For baby, use as a washable diaper or thick burp cloth.

The diaper consists of two-ply layers with a four-ply center for super absorption. The diaper edges are serged for durability. The cotton material is naturally soft, hypoallergenic and is comfortable against your baby’s delicate skin.

This product allows for increased air circulation to help prevent and heal irritated sensitive skin.

Each unfolded diaper measures approximately 15 inches x 18 inches.

The NuAngel 100% Cotton Pre-fold Diaper is made from quality U.S.A. natural cotton converted into a buttery soft flannel fabric.