London Littles

Trafalgar Black Rain Boot

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Our rain boots are made with 100% natural rubber which is one of the most eco-friendly ways to produce rain boots. The added bonus - complete and total water resistance! The cotton insole helps keep those little toes warm and dry. Believe it or not, the cotton is very important to prevent stinky shoes from happening.

Each pair of London Littles rain boots comes packaged in an adorable drawstring bag. A little bonus for your adventures.

Made from 100% natural rubber for water resistance

Easy to pull on and off

Sturdy soles made with a non-slip grip Ideal for rain, snow and muck

HOW TO CLEAN: Clean the exterior with mild dish soap, water and a soft cloth If the interior becomes wet, remove the insoles and let both the insert and boot dry for 24-48 hours.

HOW TO SIZE: Stand up straight with your heel against a wall and a blank piece of paper taped to the ground. Make sure the paper is flush to the wall. With your foot on the paper, trace around the foot.