Ribbed Bamboo Non Scratch Mittens - Wheat

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Ribbed Bamboo Non Scratch Mittens - Wheat These non scratch mittens are perfect for newborns. The fabric is soft to the touch and secured at the wrists with adequate space for finger mobility without feeling restricted. 

Material: * Bamboo Viscose: 95% * Spandex: 5% * Extra Soft and silky Fabric * Absorbs and Evaporates Humidity * Comfortable in All Temperature  

Care Instructions: *  Gently wash in cold to warm (up to 40 Degree Celsius) * Use gentle detergent, free of blench * Harsh stain removers are not recommended * Wash inside out with like colours * Use cool iron if needed * Air dry is recommended to prevent unexpected shrinkage * Snip any loose treads

Made in China