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Muslin Swaddle Baby Blanket – Sunflower

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Wrap your precious little ones in this surreal mixture of watercolor art and flair. The vibrant sunflower swaddle has bright yellow flowers blended with fiery mustard petals and dusty pink foliage creating warmth and vibrance to your bundle of joy.

Hand-painted by our founder, this truly luxurious, airy and cuddly pattern is exclusive to our brand.

* SOFT LIKE MAMA'S HUG - Wrapped tight in their soft swaddle blanket, your little one feels as safe and cozy as if you were holding them. They’ll sleep tight and wake up well-rested, ready for a full day of playing

* FROM SWADDLE TO MULTITASKING BABY BLANKET - Made from 100% cotton muslin, the Meadow swaddle boasts a moisture-wicking lightweight fabric that makes it a versatile addition to your diaper bag.

Made with 100% muslin cotton, this lightweight swaddle is buttery soft and breathable to ensure all-night comfort.

Made in China