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Felix Sandal - Desert Sand

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From Little Love Bug Company:

Created for Spring and Summer, cause give me all the sunshine and warmth!

I worked hard to make sure my sandal moccs are soft and flexible for your children’s feet. All of the handmade leather moccasin sandals offer a wide toe box, zero drop, and flexible sole to support naturally developing feet (which doesn't happen until the age of 13. Try them out and find out why so many parents consider Little Love Bugs to be the best minimalist shoes on the market. 


* 100% genuine leather, so there’s no sweaty overheated feet

* Practical for children, toddlers, babies, and infants for a day of play.

* Easily dressed up for an event such as a wedding, baby shower, birthday party or family photography.

* All of my shoes come in a dust bag perfect for storing your shoes away or to give a great presentation as a gift

Sizes 2-3 Original Non-Slip Soft Sole

Sizes 4-12 Weatherproof Soft Sole