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Desert Sand Closed Toe Sandal

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Little Love Bug Sandal Mocs Created for Spring and Summer, I worked hard to make sure my sandal moccs are soft and flexible for your children’s feet.

Try them out and find out why so many Mom’s consider Little Love Bugs to be the best baby moccasins on the market. 

Features of Sandal Moccasin (infant/baby/toddler/big kid):

* Elastic entrance, as well as an adjustable buckle for babies with skinny to chunky feet

* Mocs made for the rough and tumble new walkers in a soft sole for minimalist footwear; Sizes 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

* 100% premium top-grain leather. Buttery soft, so there’s no sweaty overheated feet or blisters.

* Practical for toddlers, babies, children and infants for a day of play

* Flexible sole of a moccasin with a grip of rubber for less slips and fall