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“Brave Girls Club” Sticker

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When our daughter was two months old, I remember making the comment to my husband that one of her pupils was larger than the other. We dismissed it. Then, at her 9 month checkup, our pediatrician noticed her gaze was slightly off and her left eye was registering as blind in her vision screen. We were told to come back in one year because it wasn’t severe and he thought the muscles were trying to correct themselves and concluded that she would be fine. For the next year she continued to hate car rides, would scream throughout the day and later developed night terrors. Fast forward to her second birthday and were referred to an ophthalmologist. Her new ophthalmologist did an extensive exam and discovered that she’s going clinically blind in her left eye due to its refraction error.

There are endless ways to use our stickers. A few most common uses are for laptops, water bottles, notebooks, journals, planners, Bibles, sticker books, phone cases, mirrors, and scrapbooks.

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