June 07, 2019

Why I Opened Relic

By Hannah Markiewicz
why relic antique fan

Hello! My name is Hannah, and I am the owner of Relic. Some of you know me, but most do not, so I thought I would introduce myself and why I decided to open this little shop.

First of all, I chose the photo above because it represents the root of why I opened the type of shop that I did. The fan is an antique fan from my Grandma back in Iowa. Her love for antiques and ability to curate a beautiful home was a huge inspiration to me. The Alex.Markiewicz plaque is from my husband's family. These things represent where we come from and why we do what we do.

I am a person of many different passions, and I was having a hard time picking what I enjoyed the most. At first, it was graphic design, that's what I started to go to college for. This manifested into t-shirt design, websites, and photography. But none of those things seemed like anything I wanted to do full time, mostly because the majority of projects involved sitting behind a computer screen.

Recently I bought a sewing machine, and have tried my hand at several different projects, ranging from baby blankets to weaving and crocheting. I also enjoyed finding unique second-hand items and reselling them.

About 2 years ago I also became a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and found a deep passion for holistic health. I wanted to help people live healthier lives, and promote a simplistic, healthy lifestyle, all while encouraging people to keep up crafts and trades, and to support the people in their own community at the same time.

After all of this though, I found myself just serving tables at a local restaurant. I needed to figure out a way to marry all of these things I loved into one thing that I could eventually do full time.

One weekend, last October, I stopped by a small country store that was having a Store Closing sale. It was in this tiny older house, and I immediately fell in love. It had original wood floors, curved archways, original green kitchen sink, and shiplap walls upstairs. I knew I had to have this place.

I told my husband about it, and he thought I was having a mid-life crisis, wanting to take over a small gift shop, which is understandable! But I could see, I could picture what I would do with it. However, we did not know what our future would be in Idaho, as we almost moved back home that very next month. So I put it on the back burner, accepting that it wasn't going to happen.

Everyday I drove by the property, and come January when it was still for lease, and we were still in Idaho, I brought it up again. Long story short, we decided to go for it, after convincing the owner to take a chance on me!

So I opened the doors in February. My main intention in opening was to be able to highlight some of the incredibly talented people just in this area that we had met in just the short year living here in Coeur d'Alene. I also wanted to show people the importance of putting your money back into your community by buying goods made locally instead of from some big box store with goods made in a factory overseas somewhere.

Now I am stocked with leather goods, rope baskets, watercolor art, wood burned art, beard balm, jewelry, lamps, macrame, pillows, and more! I also have a room full of items for baby and kids, which also turned in to me finding quality baby clothes second hand as well. Just another way to encourage reusing items instead of always buying them new.

This summer, I also plan on having small events here, such as having a coffee cart some set up, or the local sourdough company offering loaves of bread and toast, macrame classes, meetups for clean body care products, succulent parties, and more. I want this shop to be more than just a place to buy things, but a place to get to know the people in my community and a place to encourage more purposeful lifestyles and homes. And of course, it will also office my nutritional therapy practice where I can help others live healthier lives physically as well.

Thanks to everyone that has come in so far! I am excited to see where this takes me, and all the people that I will meet through it.